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I can't decide if it's real or not. I was so certain that it was, and then it got weird. Really weird. When they realized some of the general public and a good number of journalists were questioning it, they just seemed so determined to make it look 'real' and give it legitimacy in the public eye. People falling in love, people in a real relationship, even those in the public eye and using said relationship for publicity, shouldn't have to 'do couple stuff' to legitimize their relationship - it should be obvious. They could have just shown up together and looked like people in a relationship do: together, happy, comfortable. Instead everything was rom-com OTT and seemingly done before planted paps: we hold hands, we kiss in the sunshine, I meet your family, we hold hands some more, we BBQ on a national holiday.

And the timing now is clearly suspect. The RI pics to distract from Kim's GQ article. The trip to Oz to get away from the US in prep for 'THE Receipts.'

I just don't know. And I don't care at this point because real or not, it doesn't speak highly of him. Perhaps he doesn't know the extent of her lying and manipulative ways, perhaps he is really smitten. But then he's in love with someone - and is someone himself - who wanted to publicize their 'first date,' wanted to drag his family into the public gaze, wanted to make public all the lovely first moments in a relationship that should be private. Their first romantic foreign getaway was 2-3 days long. It was shared with professional paps (her agency of choice) and 3 body guards. Real or not, that just makes them sound like soulless famewhores. So he's either in love with a famewhore (real) or is happy to have a business arrangement with a famewhore because he is one himself. Six and one half-dozen of another.

In the modern parlance of parents raising Millennials: I'm not angry, Thomas, I'm just disappointed. (Side note: Husband and I have decided to never say this to our child. We had parents that got angry, so we've decided to be 'get angry parents' as well. We think this approach will either create a 'normal' child like ourselves, or a serial killer. We're willing to go with this plan because we'd rather raise a serial killer than a Millennial.)

Thought I'd submit my essay as well. However, all said, I like M's very concise take on it >>783.

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