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Could anyone help me identify an old Japanese movie? (3)

1 Name: Couch Potato : 2006-10-14 16:59 ID:gRf8Xb3T


I'm trying to identify an old Japanese movie and thought perhaps someone
on 4-ch would be able to help me out.

The movie is black and white and probably from the 1950s. It could be a
bit older or newer but at the latest from the 1970s.

It's about a husband and wife "team" of farmers living in a mountaineous
area in Japan, possibly on an island. The plot basically revolves around
their everyday life with nothing spectacular really happening. The high
point of the movie is when they catch a carp (fish) from a nearby lake
or pond. The movie also has very little dialogue.

Any ideas on where one could acquire the movie would also be most

Thanks in advance.