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Anime > Doramas? (14)

1 Name: Couch Potato : 2007-05-31 04:19 ID:pYhdorih

I don't know how those Japanese/Korean Doramas get so popular. They seem more popular than the western soap-opera equivalent. Am I wrong? Most of the time, the camera work is shoddy, the writing lame, and the acting sluggish.

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2 Name: Couch Potato : 2007-05-31 10:34 ID:Heaven

I don't know. My experience of jdramas are limited to Densha Otoko + At Home dad. Both I liked because they were relevant to my interests while being funny. Soaps are sort of more long-winded than drama-series, no? I can't recall following any comedic drama series, at the moment. "Full House" was more of a sitcom, and I'm not sure what "House" (m.d.) and similar count as.

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3 Name: Couch Potato : 2007-05-31 15:03 ID:1S1r96Lc

Anime and doramas are, in a way, very similar.
-A lot of doramas are also based or adapted from popular manga or books. Like in anime.
US sitcoms/soaps Aaron Spelling and Darren Star.
-Since it's adapted from a book or manga, most of them end after the main storyline has been resolved. Usually spanning 11 episodes/acts). Like in anime.

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4 Name: Couch Potato : 2007-06-01 16:48 ID:6bNDOrIa

I agree with the above poster on thinking of them as "extended movies." I have just recently begun watching them and the stories are somewhat short (only about 11 1 hour eps) and they actually complete something as opposed to soap operas which go on while just making up shit so the soap won't end.

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5 Name: arashi : 2007-06-04 02:32 ID:z3vMaNeD

one of the new ones coming out on july 3rd is a live-action version of Hana Kimi with Oguri Shun as Sano Izumi and Horikita Maki as Ashiya Mizuki this is definately going to be worth watching!!!

6 Name: Couch Potato : 2007-06-07 02:03 ID:Heaven


>I agree with the above poster on thinking of them as "extended movies."
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7 Name: Couch Potato : 2007-06-09 13:53 ID:D0Koss3y

It all really depends on what you compare with. There's shit anime out there and there are also shit drama's.

Stuff that involves romance is pretty much long-winded.

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8 Name: Couch Potato : 2007-06-13 17:31 ID:qtWW+4FQ

K-dramas are very long winded most of time, reminds me alot of some old mexican telenovelas i watched long time ago.
Commonly on K-dramas are someone will die, or main characters are blood related and fall in love to each other, troublesome parents, the antagonists are ruthless (extreme prejudices and conservative ideas), and very mellow dreamy + melodramatic which involves a lot of tear dropping screen. I guess this is why they are quite popular, especially in east asia region.

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9 Name: Couch Potato : 2007-06-18 20:34 ID:vUalzUEJ

Anime > Dorama
Hmm. No.

Anime < Dorama

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10 Name: Couch Potato : 2007-06-26 09:15 ID:WAGKqEnx

well i can't stand k-dramas so i can't say i've watched many. however i find the difference between J-dramas and western ones is that J-dramas were written with an ending in mind.

11 Name: Couch Potato : 2007-06-29 07:55 ID:f1O/vk0F

I like the Gokusen drama, haven't watched the anime yet though.

12 Name: Couch Potato : 2007-07-05 21:59 ID:V3SvsNeJ

Wow, thanks for the tip! Oguri's my favourite actor, so I should and Horitaki did really good as Nobuta, so I'll have to check this one out. Is it based on the Taiwanese drama?

13 Name: Couch Potato : 2007-07-06 17:59 ID:jbMwNJbi

hm hm hmm
most Jactors are not schooled actors
most ppl who appear in dramas got the job coz
1.they r teen,centerfolds,just look good

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14 Name: an : 2007-07-08 14:44 ID:Heaven

I started out watching anime. But I eventually got tired of it, because it seemed like I was just watching the same plots over and over. Now I watch dramas exclusively (well, except for a few shows I just can't give up, e.g. Nana).
I like Jdramas better than Kdramas because the pacing is better.

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