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[Porn] Who produces more? [日本 vs USA] (17)

15 Name: Couch Potato : 2007-08-17 11:51 ID:OtGVuTg5

>>14 Damn it is for entertainment ;(

I don't wactch any Loli-hentais! :(

I would say hentais are far more better than those idiotic japanese porno-vids!

It is really irritating to watch a women crying and sreaming whle having sex, which should be considered as something enjoyable though ;)

This why i hate the japanese porns and like my post above you, i described all the points!

I hope japanese women in reality don't behave like they does in those porns! oO

But really, it is also disgusting with their unshaved pussy (sry.) like i said before, especially with japanese women, since they have BLACK hair!

Thus it is too eye-catching and just NOT beautiful nor asthethic!