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Transformers spoilers... things that made no sense (13)

1 Name: Couch Potato : 2007-07-08 20:23 ID:LVIFNDxV

sorry my english is soso lol
somestuff i find weird in the 2k7usmadeliveaction transformers.
1.the eggheads...names,background,any reason 2 b there at all?
and all of a sudden the female mainbrain... goes off to some weird man who still lives at home(or at his grandmother)he is some computer super-genius who can crack anything.if such a person existed he would most likely work for the government or atleast would be known by them and contacted in a dangerous sitiuation like this...or maybe not.
she just know this person no explenations whatsoever.
the whole use of these pointless characters make the story drag on too long as i see it.

2.the robot fights. its a little hard to follow the battles
alot happen
rollingaround jumping in bullettime and just trashing and blowing things up everywhere
and the robots when fighting pretty much look the same all of them. and why did the soldier kill the robot in the later part
it just felt like all those crappy asian movies
when the weapon all of a sudden hurt the monster just bcoz he got REALLY angry

4.the nerds. main guy a semirich nerd and his friend who just appear out of nowhere no story at all.they decide to go to the cool kids down by the river did they know they where gonna be there? and why go there they knew they were gonna be harassed its like karate kid all over again.supid nerd who just cant stay away.
also when the nerds decide to leave
why at the same time did the cool kids leave?
also when the mainguy told his friend to just go out of the car so he could get close to the girl was a little hard lol
nerds dont just kick their friends(only friend)out of the car

ok i could name 10more things but these are fine for now

also who the hell is michael bay or whatever the name was
should we go watch it coz he made it?
i had no idea such a person existed untill i saw the trailers for the movie

well ive only seen it once at the theater and i didnt like it much... im not that impressed with the tec part i would prefer a good story with better ending

am i the only one who didnt like it?
most ppl ive talked to about it seems to like it