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BritFag night (8)

4 Name: Couch Potato : 2009-03-14 22:29 ID:U8k6GWjk

Here is the new playlist:
Top Gear USA Special
Ali G - In Da House
Spaced - S01E01
Peep Show - S1E1
Brasseye - Paedophile Special
Ali G (US) - Respek
Death at a Funeral
The IT Crowd - Yesterday's Jam
Top Gear - Vietnam Special
Red Dwarf - S1E1
Spaced - S2E1
Hot Fuzz
Monkey Dust S1E1
Spaced - S2E2
The Mighty Boosh - S1E1
The IT Crowd - Calamity Jen
The Young Ones - Sick
The Bank Job

Trigger Happy TV clips and other Brit shorts mixed throughout