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Tokusatsu shows, anyone? (9)

1 Name: Couch Potato : 2010-08-07 05:54 ID:Z09EsAQt

I just recently got into the Kamen Rider and Super Sentai fandoms, and I'm wondering how many other people here watch these series?

If yes, when and how did you discover and start watching these shows? Do you ever feel ashamed telling people you like watching these since they're technically for children?

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2 Name: Xypher : 2010-11-01 20:06 ID:7jM8fOuY

I love this stuff.

I knew about power rangers having a japanese counterpart for a while but didn't do anything about it till much later in my life

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3 Name: Couch Potato : 2010-11-03 19:18 ID:ZI6lC5oR

I've only ever finished Kamen Rider Double, but I like the premise of Kamen Rider. And I'm pretty open about liking it, my friends don't really pay attention either way. It's not that big of a deal.

4 Name: Couch Potato : 2010-11-04 14:46 ID:DZD7MD8u

Gotta check out Zyuranger. It's what Saban originally adapted the Power Rangers from.

5 Name: Couch Potato : 2010-11-04 17:28 ID:glJSxBEJ


6 Name: Couch Potato : 2010-11-06 12:39 ID:Z09EsAQt

I watched ~ 7 episodes of Zyuranger on Youtube, but I couldn't find the rest subbed :[. Pity, since what little I watched seemed to have a lot of potential.

Jw here, but what gender are you people? I hope I'm not the only female here that first got hooked by the eyecandy...

7 Name: Couch Potato : 2011-01-22 22:14 ID:rIRbAXqX

I saw an episode each of Abaranger and Kamen Rider 555 while I was living in Tokyo, and decided that Kamen Rider took itself way too seriously.

Later on I started watching live streams of Dragonball Kai and Cross Game, and sometimes I'd tune in early and see Shinkenger, Kamen Rider Decade, and Fresh Precure. Then Double started, and was the first tokusatsu I watched entirely from beginning to end.

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8 Name: Couch Potato : 2011-02-01 23:37 ID:TrlrGM1Q

I wackyparsed that as "tonkatsu shows, anyone?" Now I am imagining a giant breaded pork chop wearing spandex and a motorcycle helmet. CAN'T UNSEE orz

9 Name: Couch Potato : 2011-06-01 11:16 ID:fQUzEN3O

Also. I'm the only person I know irl who actively watches Ultraman.

The Showa era shows were the best though. Tiga and Powered being an exception.