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205 Name: Anon. : 2015-10-27 21:05 ID:TiCuUp0f

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[Puts on diplomatic hat (don't know how I own one of those as an American!) and waders.]

Kate, most people around here lean toward realism rather than pure optimism; it's one of the reasons I like this part of the TH forest. I don't think it's outright negativity. And, I can safely say that we are all fans of TH (we wouldn't be here otherwise). Everyone on this board - save me, and it's going to happen on Friday! - has been to see CP. So, they've done their part as fans. Some of the board liked it, others not so much. As realist-fans (maybe I just made that a thing?), they've discussed its positives and negatives, and we've been honest about the fact that it's a dud - box office wise. People around here don't tend to be 'hear, speak and see no evil' in our discussions about TH - we point out good and bad, and sometimes we do take the piss out of him - affectionately.

And yes, we certainly do question and analyze (maybe overly so - but that's the life of a message board) his project choices - and the reasons for taking them. Sometimes we criticize his choices - Kong comes to mind. There's plenty to criticize and question about that movie - even if TH has said that the script made him shiver and so on. We've questioned his reasons for taking ISTL, especially in light of the overwhelmingly negative reviews and script problems, but we've never said that he's washed up professionally.

We also talk - sometimes gush - about how georgeous he is. I genuinely can't recall a post talking about how his looks are going. We joke about how he wears the same cowboy boots and jacket, and we talk about how he should bring those blonde curls back (maybe that's just me). Other boards, you've probably been to some, are often on about his hairline, his teeth, his terrible skin, etc. In the short time I've been around these parts, I've not seen one of those 'he's aging so horribly' diatribes that you can find elsewhere.

Did we overanalyze his innocent trip to the theatre with a 'friend?' Yep. Everyone did. We did our jobs as realist-fans (it's now a thing).