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242 Name: Anon. : 2015-11-01 15:11 ID:X9irYl99

>>235 Sorry for the late reply: Friday was movie night, Saturday was rugby in the morning/afternoon and Halloween party in the evening. I'm happy I got an extra hour this morning - that you Eisenhower for your DST scheme! at your own risk.

CP was okay - I didn't love it and I didn't hate it - middle of the road. I was actually surprised by how long it was! I guess I never realized that it was clocking in at about 2hr. The boy, who doesn't know I'm a TH fan (I said I wanted to see a scary movie for Halloween, no more) and is fairly cerebral, said he enjoyed it.

It's a beautiful film, everything's jewel-toned and rich - and I enjoyed the visuals. The plot was thin on the ground and there weren't many layers, so - with the reviews, trailers, TH interviews, etc. - I could see everything coming down the hall (things weren't even coming around corners!!). The boy - who had zero previous knowledge - said he knew the brother and sister were off somehow but thought that they were just killing women for money - he didn't get the incest vibe right away.

I actually enjoyed GDT's borrowing from books, films, genres - something others have complained about. I made a game of it: ballroom scene - Age of Innocence, heart thread - Jane Eyre, Edith as the 'final girl'- every slasher film ever made.

I thought JC gave the best performance; it was over-the-top, but I think that was the point. TH did well. I don't always believe in his voice, but his facial expressions are always on point; I imagine his eyebrows will receive a lifetime achievement Oscar at some point. MW always seems a little flat to me - I thought she was dreadful in M. Bovary and not much better in J. Eyre. She was better in CP, but I thought she and TH showed very little chemistry. I mean, if your going to move into a cold, crumbling mess of a house for a man, you should at least seem head-over-heels for him. As for CH - why was he even in this film?

Here are my overall ratings:

7/10 purses
6/10 scarves
7/10 gates