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Tom Hiddleston 5 (1000)

478 Name: Anon : 2015-12-02 19:29 ID:zWYkqYL9

In honour of this fine post I have devised a board specific Tom Hiddleston tweet generator.

Opening salutation:
1) Hello Mr Olsen
2) Hello Mr 2 Minutes
3) we do still love you but sometimes you make us ROFL
4) Heart eyes

Reaction to trailer:
1) Where is the High Rise trailer?
2) We prefer you with a bit more to hang onto
3) The accent is actually pretty good
4) The thing with the baby gave me the feelz. Bastard.

Certainly of Oscar glory:
1) Never gonna happen

TH ego stroke:
1) We're grown women with proper jobs and we're all here. What more do you want?
2) We don't all believe it was only 2 minutes.
3) Really none of us want to stroke your ego.