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508 Name: Olly : 2015-12-06 14:14 ID:FoxK2GSK

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Shhhhh, got to keep my girls at 4-chan in the loop. Here's my boss' schedule for the weekend:


  1. Film
  2. Entertain extras on set with tried and true dancing bear act

Friday Night/Saturday:
1.Meet up with EO
2. Catch flight to Oregon
3. Join Mile High club
4. View houses to fill with our love and babies
5. Stop off at local mall for skin care items (got to look good for the red carpet)


  1. Red carpet (EO enters through side door [don't want to upset the fans]
  2. Sign autographs, show off new muscles in perfectly cut tux
  3. Win that mother-trucking award
  4. Dedicate it to Luke, cowboy boots, EO (in that order)

Signed, Olly, who is defo NOT Anon.