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Tom Hiddleston 5 (1000)

646 Name: Anon. : 2015-12-13 13:41 ID:1L0JcaTy

>>643 True. But BL is - as we've mentioned - seems a lot more grounded, worldly and mature than EO. And I've seen BL's man - he's a musician, dark, scruffy - and drop dead gorgeous. Boyd is pretty much TH (similar color, build, features - just with a smaller forehead). It's like EO wanted to do a straight swap. Switch the one that's not there for the one who looks exactly like the other but is around/new and shiny.

I just can't with the whole publicity mess because I genuinely can't separate the PR and purposefully planned/leaked stuff from the straight up tabloid. Some called it a set up pap walk - but then why did they behave like that? And the majority of articles didn't paint either in a good light, so were they leaked? Which ones? Was that first pic planned/leaked? What is going on!?!

I do think that TH is playing some type of 'game' but he (and Luke) are playing so poorly that it's almost like he isn't playing the game. It reminds me of the time I agreed to join a Saturday football league but only if I could play goalie because then I could stand in goal and smoke and not have to actually run around, play, try. I wasn't playing a game - I was just smoking in goal.

I need a dozen Christmas cookies to wash the muddy taste out of my mouth.

This will end at some point, right?