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Tom Hiddleston 5 (1000)

693 Name: Anon : 2015-12-18 19:57 ID:tB216AlG

>>692 She is a funny one. Started her blog supposedly as an "antidote" to the stories about TH being a cokehead and all around nasty guy. Supposedly she was the nw3anon who previously gave a few items to the bicycle, though the bicycle was never sure if it was the same person.

She started off giving some pretty specific info about when she had seen him at the cafe or running or whatever, and promised some "dishes" on why he had split up with SF - although when that came it was of a level of profundity like "they didn't get on." She started off claiming to be a neighbour who saw him on occasion, but as time went on she said she had met members of his family, "knew" him to chat to at the cafe etc.

Someone on here pointed out that she always seemed to have sighted him after there had been a Twitter sighting, and there was one odd occasion when he was verifiably elsewhere, she got it wrong, and then claimed her account had been hacked! She deleted some stuff after about a month, whether because she knew she was wrong or because it might identify her to him, who knows. After another few months she had a meltdown (unclear why) and deleted the lot. Then came back for a short period when the EO story surfaced. Then someone started tweeting screen caps of her blog to him (!) and she vanished again.

Who knows whether she was a mad fantasist or whether any of it was true. FWIW I did think she lived broadly round there, as she had enough local detail for it to sound right to me (as someone who lived a 5 minute walk from his house for a long time). I very much doubt if they were actual neighbours in the sense of residing in the same or adjoining complexes. You could easily live a 10 minute walk away and see him most days if you made the effort to go and hang around the cafe. She always said that you couldn't see his windows from the road (as proof that she knew his movements because lived reeely close etc). In fact you can see some of the skylights, so anyone who knew where to look could see if a light was on. I felt that some of her info was true but it was what she got as a passerby or hanger around at the cafe, and not because she had ever actually spoken to him. I imagine she also beefed it up with a few Twitter sightings.