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Tom Hiddleston 5 (1000)

702 Name: Anon. : 2015-12-20 06:42 ID:iEL76ISY

>>700 >>701 I saw these earlier and thought, yep, this is ' Hawaii EO:' Blonde, petite, small features. But then my analytical, researcher brain kicked in...

I looked at her IMDB page, and she's not in Kong - so she wouldn't have been filming in Hawaii along with TH. But she is in Jessica Jones. I'm not watching it, but every other person on the planet seems to be, and I remember that November was 'Jessica Jones' month at my work; that's all everyone was talking about when it came out on Netflix. A Zimbio search says that the premiere was 11.17 in NYC. She was there. 'EO' was spotted (at least the only 'verifiable' spot) that weekend >>290 .

I guess she could be in Kong and just not on the IMDB and was in HI filming before heading to NYC, but that seems a stretch.

However, now that we've gone so long since an EO sighting (at least one that came to the surface), I'm inclined to think that the original sighting might have been some other blonde. Wasn't he spotted at the theatre with a blonde who wasn't EO? Maybe the fandom has been sniffing around the wrong blonde. If I believed in Christmas miracles, Hawaii EO would be JA with a new cut and color. Whispers: It's all I want this year, Santa.