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Tom Hiddleston 5 (1000)

791 Name: Anon : 2015-12-21 18:33 ID:tB216AlG

>>786 Well, they are keeping us guessing at any rate.

We were pretty sure with the body language at TIFF that it was a no, and I can kind of see that period being the "off again" time that anon1 suggested. Then happy times in Nashville! We do know that he seems most content with an on/off relationship as the JArthy kept going under for months then surfacing like Moby Dick (not sure why I am on the Herman Melville metaphors here)(was it the prosecco I was drinking while prepping a pre-Christmas dinner for friends? Surely not!!).

At any rate this one will run for a while longer. Bets anyone? If she shows up in Australia, then I would say we have ourselves a ball game.

Just a random reminder of a couple of other things: no show at either family wedding which puts this squarely in the FWB box to me, especially after probably a year of dating. And the second thing: evidence suggests he doesn't socialise with that many people these days. Has anyone seen a pic of him with a university or non industry friend recently? There was the pic when he went to see Gatiss at the theatre but that is all I can recall. He took his PA to the tennis, after all. I have a PA that I get on well with - but prime seats at Wimbledon? No way. That says to me he has a small circle of acquaintance these days. One reason he may spend time with EO is because he seems now to be very wary about making friends outside the industry.