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Tom Hiddleston 5 (1000)

794 Name: qaz : 2015-12-22 08:04 ID:tY18OJ3i

>>793 I've never heard about it, but it's interesting if true. I only remember reading or hearing somewhere about her baking him muffins, or something, at her home while they were rehearsing.

Which only makes me think that it's probably quite a strain being an actor's SO, with them being away for a lot of time, all the chemistries with co-stars and 'intimate' family-like atmospheres at movie sets, etc. E.g., I'm not at all sure if I would be OK with my BF romantically horseback-riding with a beautiful colleague as a recreational activity, if I were SF.

Also, on the OT note, if by any chance I don't pop in here until after Christmas - Merry Christmas all, it's been a really fun gossip and speculation year here with you guys!
My Christmas wish is that we get a photo of TH with EO (or even better, The JArthy!) in lovingly strained poses and with stiff smiles in Tahiti, or something ;)

I'm joking, let it be relaxed poses and happy smiles, it's Christmas after all!