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995 Name: anonsy : 2016-01-08 08:41 ID:D5Aqosgp

>>991 I don't think Tom is particularly social media savvy. I'm sure he knows that people will take pictures and post them on the internet, but I don't think he necessarily considers how much people post and that his coworkers or director might think nothing of throwing a bunch of pics up on Instagram that he expected to stay private. Tom may have thought he was being discreet.

Or - alternative theory - something in the dynamic of the THEO relationship has changed since the photos were taken, so JVR thought posting the pics wouldn't be a big deal. For example, THEO broke up and is no more so pics from a couple months ago are no big deal. Or (less likely but still possible) THEO are going to go public as an item and so JVR thought pics would be okay.

>>992 I'm with you on this one. I had a friend who had a FWB who was from another state but passed through our city every so often for business. When she was around it was very casual, she'd hang out with our friend group, do activities with everyone, drinks, whatever, and then the two of them would go back to her hotel or his place to do their thing. They usually didn't stay the night together. On the other hand, another member of our friend group had a long distance boyfriend, and as soon as he got into town we barely saw either of them until he went home. I could go on forever with examples of people I've known but the general pattern is that long distance FWBs tend to be more group social while long distance BFs/GFs are more isolated for the time they have together.