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Tom Hiddleston 7 (1000)

360 Name: Anon. : 2016-03-05 16:34 ID:NZrQCpAh

>>346 I wonder if TH has ever really tried to hide any of his 'true self' - ugh, I hate phrases like that - or if we, the general public, just haven't seen it because of editorial choices (not TH choices). If he didn't want us to know about his smoking, he wouldn't have mentioned it in this interview. And we only have it because the author decided to put it in the piece. TH might have smoked his way through every single print interview since year dot, but journalists, editors, etc. haven't mentioned it - and not necessarily because he hasn't told them not to mention it.

When I saw this photo from the ES awards, I realized he was a smoker: everyone's outside in the very cold weather (classic enforced outside smoke break), HMc has got a cig, the people behind them have got cigs. TH has very likely got one in his right hand - he isn't hiding it and doesn't seem bothered to have a pic being taken of him - but the photographer has either shot it without TH's cig or made that edit afterwards.
And since JA and EO are of the chimney variety, it seemed logical that he would be as well; non-smokers so rarely take up with smokers.

As for his Corbyn love - that wouldn't surprise me. I would imagine that he might be an economic conservative and social liberal. His production company - which doesn't produce anything as yet - may be a little dance he's having with HMRC.
But he certainly talks the talk of a liberal in regards to social issues. He probably also loves Corbyn because they have the same number of non-suit clothing items.