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Tom Hiddleston 7 (1000)

369 Name: Whatsinaname : 2016-03-07 01:02 ID:89pEWkso

>>347 Welcome Anonon!

>>360 I'm going for the latter. I think his true self is 'normal.' If he weren't in an attention gathering career, he'd be like any other well-off, 35 year old bachelor. He's pretty discreet about relationships - that's probably the extent to which he hides anything.

>>361 I'm trying to muster enthusiasm for ISTL. If looking for signs of chemistry between THEO will help me pay attention, then so be it. Otherwise, I'm just in it to see his performance and wonder at what point he realized that the direction and editing was a clunker.

>>368 You'd think that pushing them together with briefs or boxer briefs while wearing loose slacks would help but I guess any restraint is uncomfortable at that (?!) size. Kind of like we large-busted ladies and bras - worse if ill-fitting. Then if they're in one tight area, they get sweaty and wwwww… schwety balls, man.