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Tom Hiddleston 7 (1000)

557 Name: Anon : 2016-03-16 09:21 ID:qAvx5iXW

>>553 >>554 As for this lot.....

She is bonkers. Someone wrote a comment about a TH dom manip saying they preferred to think of him being more gentlemanly, and she had a (very lengthy) meltdown about how dear G was her dom and was a perfect gentleman, how they were "hating on" the D/s lifestyle etc etc etc.

As for him....He may well have been to Cambridge (though cf grammar in latest post eg "THAN there is the others". Hum). He might well have come across TH as Cambridge isn't a huge university and the college system means that if you play rugby or row or whatever you compete against all the other colleges and meet a lot of people. If he played rugby and was in the same year he probably did meet him - and probably did shower with him(!!). But knowing someone hat way and knowing how much sex he gets - no way. If they were at the same college then yes he might have a fair idea. Some take only 100 students a year, and you live in college accommodation for at least 2 years usually, so you do know everyone's business quite well.

What makes me side eye the whole thing is that she has been running her mouth on her blog for a long time about all things TH, and mysteriously she has managed not to reveal these amazing facts thus far. The cut/uncut debate has been ongoing for ages and she must have known all along he met TH and in what circs. So she must know he knew the answer (put it this way, I'd have asked). But she has only weighed in now...had she said 2 years ago in a non trolly way, oh BTW my husband played sports with him at college and they showered together and no he's not, that would have shut the debate down then, I'd have thought. But no, we get the big reveal now.