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Tom Hiddleston 7 (1000)

694 Name: anonsy : 2016-03-22 10:36 ID:V6C+Feoq

>>693 I still think it is/was casual enough that labeling it a "relationship" would have been an exaggeration, thus the denials coupled with the occasional sighting. Most people don't want to remain sexless for extended periods of time, and I'd imagine as someone in the public eye it's difficult to find a partner you can trust - and why invest all that time and effort in building trust with a stranger when all you're looking for is something casual? It makes sense that they'd hook up. They've known each other for a few years, they filmed together, they're promoting together, they're in and out of each other's home cities, and they're both very career driven at the moment and probably not wanting anything too serious.

As for the premiere, I believe the only thing we can be certain of seeing on the red carpet is a bad gown. But who knows? Maybe she'll surprise me.