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Tom Hiddleston 7 (1000)

737 Name: Anon. : 2016-03-23 21:16 ID:exDBtLpL

>>736 The one where he lifts his arm near his face. It's the first pic in the link - he does it all the time. He looks like a tit when he does.

The weather is gorgeous, from snow to sunshine/70s in two days! So, I've abandoned that whole productive thing and have taken up with a book and iPad at a cafe. I'm imagining that TH gave EO a goodbye shag last night and has already landed in NYC. I'm sure he'll be strolling by any moment now. He'll stop for a coffee, there won't be any tables except for mine, I'll invite him to sit, we'll fall in love and end up on a date tonight (I've brought my purse for just such an occasion)!

When the book gets boring, I read gossip sites. This was on Dlisted. Oh, Michael K, you complete me! This article makes me want the above scenario to happen with MK, not TH!