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Tom Hiddleston 7 (1000)

832 Name: Anonon : 2016-03-26 01:58 ID:R8xJa8Vc

Oh, I'm just catching up, so much goings on!
New shoes (I like!), new grey polo, meh.
>>820 I can shed no light on PR or promo, I'm in the biz on set only (and some pre- production) in the trade that is supposed to make faces match necks and hands.
I agree with >>830 that they aren't sweeping this under the rug. Given that the official reason for delaying the release was TH's availability for promotion, he has to promote the shit out of this to legitimise the delay.
They are certainly not shying away from questions relating to marvel/ marvel fantasy hookups, or for that matter questions relating to their own hookup, both of which are guaranteed clickbait and completely off topic.
This article confuses me.
Aren't Bustle responsible for all the annoying gushing pro TH fluff that have occasionally been mistaken for journalism? I always wondered if they were backed by his PR. Now they're going to his press conferences and conducting hotel room interviews?
'when I bring up her IMPECCABLE FASHION SENSE (my olive green sweater is embarrassingly uncool compared to her V-neck cut-out dress and large statement necklace)'.
Ha! The low cut V- neck with side boob straddled by King Kong's fingernail was true!