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Tom Hiddleston 11 (1000)

246 Name: Sosorry : 2016-07-16 13:33 ID:O1tlbGVc

Katie Kloss and Karlie Kloss don't seem to be related.

If you go to kt_kloss on instagram, supermodel Karlie does not appear to be related to Katie Kloss, stunt woman/model from the skull island wrap party pics. Super model Karlie's sisters are Kristine, Kimberly and Kariann, and she has no brothers. By contrast, stunt woman/model Katie Kloss appears to also have a brother in a family surfing snap on her instagram. There are also many pics of Karlie and her sisters on E! news website and one from Teen Vogue on google, and Katie Kloss does not match their pics.

My head is spinning. CH seems to be going for blood in destroying TS's character. This is just an ugly situation for everyone involved. No pics of TS in days, which is good b/c she's a bit overexposed right now. Will the couple will be over by early fall, or are we changing our minds?