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Tom Hiddleston 11 (1000)

582 Name: Anon : 2016-07-21 16:02 ID:zRGlmuDi

Just thought as I typed this. If Olly is in LA he is presumably returning to Oz with TH after ComicCon.

Does this indicate that TH will be reverting back to the previous MO of renting a house and living with Olly in it? I can't think TH would need Olly when he's got all TS's people to help him, or want Olly there while he is hanging with her (always assuming no trouble in paradise, ha ha). Also, the old suite must be getting a bit crowded.

So my guess is: takes TS home, possibly shows her off at SDCC (though am undecided as to whether he will,court publicity this way), returns solo with Olly.