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Tom Hiddleston 11 (1000)

787 Name: Anon : 2016-07-23 11:53 ID:zRGlmuDi

>>785 TBH I didn't know anything really about her till this, just that she was a pop star and incredibly successful. I had no idea about the bad stuff because although it is there until recently it was not getting much traction in the headlines.

I can imagine him not doing any "research" on the internet before he met her. He is a celebrity and he has said he thinks it is weird meeting people and they already know everything about you. He might also think, as a celebrity who sees himself represented in a certain way, that you can't believe anything you read. So why not just take her as he finds her when hey meet, with no preconceived ideas?

Then they get together and at some point the Kimye stuff comes up. Maybe before RI - or maybe she kept that little helpful coincidence quiet when she suggested they "get it out there". Anyway, she tells him her version, and he probably believes it. He's in love/lust and she probably tells him something close enough to to the truth to make it vaguely convicting. He is only going to realise it is a lie if he goes back and compares the original statement with the snapchat, and he probably didn't do that. I bet he has also deliberately not read any think pieces saying she is a liar, manipulative, playing to racial stereotypes etc. I am sure someone has told him that it hasn't played well, but there is a big difference between reading it all yourself, and being told about it, probably by a somewhat sycophantic person who also wants to move forward and focus on the positive. Also Luke is in the UK so TH may be getting any PR advice from her people and they are hardly going to tell him how bad it is.

So I can well see that he remains insulated from it to a considerable degree. He is I am sure telling himself what people always say when all their friends hate a new partner: "I go by what I see of my partner. I judge on how they are with me. I don't listen to idle gossip." My feeling is it will take a while for him to learn for himself what she is like. He may never fully do so. I reckon that what will kill it off in the end will be one of three things: constant bodyguards, publicity, lack of privacy stuff; or having to hang around with a bunch of thick 25 year old models, talk endlessly about cats etc; or scheduling - when she is on tour and he is filming. I don't think he will have a moment when he realises she is a horrible person, because who wants to think they were fooled into dating someone horrible?