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Tom Hiddleston 11 (1000)

985 Name: Sosorry : 2016-07-25 18:07 ID:xwST2yE1

>>968 1. Luke had THs glasses hanging on the front of his own shirt for him in that video? Adorable. Luke is loyal. He rocks. And TH looks great with glasses. He should rock them or carry them with him with confidence.
2. 2 hours from SD to LA. But SD has an interl airport where TH could have left from for Australia, however, he returned to LA. Why didn't TH just check out of the hotel before he left for SD? And if he stayed overnight with TS after comic con, why didn't he check out of the hotel before the convention, and why didn't TSs driver just drive TH all the way to the airport himself from her house?
3. Games are afoot. If TH has his own hotel room in LA, either he is a normal bachelor who needs a space brace with a woman after an overly long couples vacation. Or the coupling itself is fictitious, wherefore, TS's driver drove TH to SD and back to the hotel in order to be papped with TSs accoutrements, since the "couple" has not been papped with each other in a few days. Luke is there for the Emmy campaign and to help TH navigate this coupling in the press since TSs team is taking the lead with leaks for her best POV.