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Tom Hiddleston 12 (1000)

222 Name: Anonon : 2016-07-29 03:51 ID:dqYXAy71

From another gossip site:

'I have a friend who works with a certain someone. Well, it seems things are going as planned for her recent bf. When her people contacted his people about this "relationship" he only agreed as long as it brought him more exposure and as long as he doesn't catch feelings for her like her ex. Twitter anyone? Tbh, he really is gunning for that role because he doesn't want to be typecasted as a superhero, especially since the man of iron is bank rolling. Sometimes celebs have to reach a certain fan base to garner more attention to their star quality which means getting more roles. Happens all the time, some of your faves have done it and actually got married. He is famous and has a growing fan base but really wants to be an A-lister, so why not get with her when she comes with a package deal? The last magazine spread he did was a fail. He knows it, his team knows it, and she knows it. So, the next thing is to do something more grander to try and "convince" her fans, not us, that they're a couple and hopefully get him more press. Oh, and that magazine spread was at the behest of her team, not his. If this isn't working for him his next go to is J. Belfort's wife (actress).
the reason why there's trouble in the camp because he wants out of this deal with her team. He's seeing he's been the brunt of the jokes more than her. And she doesn't want the "relationship" to end until at least 2 months. You see, he wants to break it off with her but then she would take the blame. Say what you want about her, her publicist is a mean dog and she's very about her image. So they're trying to scramble and get some legit deals for him in the meantime.'