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Tom Hiddleston 12 (1000)

306 Name: Anonon : 2016-07-31 10:20 ID:GVPW0+uL

>>305 Aha, that makes more sense. That's really the only logical explanation for his short NY trip. Who knows whether it was damage control for his relationship or a desperate plea for future work.
The LA agent visit did not look friendly and prompted an unusual flurry of tweets. Perhaps they told him to lift his game with his fans to secure a job that's in the pipeline.

His future is looking all Swift and no work at the moment which is the cause of a few upset tummies in the fandom. This is the first time I'm aware of that he hasn't had anything lined up officially. Not even a Pirate Fairy or Cookie Monster gig.
While he was hinting about an imminent theatre announcement, I can't help but wonder if that was premature and the powers that be changed their minds following TayTo.
All I hope for is that the plan isn't to join Tay on a permanent over-publicised pda world tour inciting mass harakiri.