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Tom Hiddleston 12 (1000)

314 Name: Couch Potato : 2016-07-31 18:04 ID:Heaven

>>312 Ha! What a crappy post. Truly I'm whatever about this guy, but this PhD girl is ridiculous. He was on another bloody continent from January until May. And before that from Oct to half of Dec. How the fuck could he have be together with anyone?

Then let's set a few things straight.

Lara Pulver: BULLSHIT. It's such BS it drives me crazy every time I read it. For the umpteenth time, Lara Pulver at that time had a boyfriend Raza Jaffrey, who became her husband a year later. She was there that night because she is friend with Murray and when the DM posted that article without even mentioning her name she made fun of it, joking that the DM couldn't recognize her because she wasn't naked (as reference to her character in Sherlock). Check her fucking twitter.

JA was not seen at a Coriolanus performance, we debunked that months ago, that was one of the soppy ELLEUK journalists.

Jessica Chastain?!?!?! JC doesn't have a bf NOW, she had that same bf for years. Bf that was with her at the bd party in Toronto. WTF! And Jessica denied that rumour as soon as it was published.

Mia?!?! Mia was already dating Eisenberg at the time of Crimson Peak, he visited her on set.