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Tom Hiddleston 12 (1000)

429 Name: Anon : 2016-08-02 22:39 ID:vRlybCsY

I have no life so I made this list. These are all the sightings. All involve both TH and TS and all were pap encounters unless it says otherwise (where I say "candid" I mean taken by a fan on a cameraphone).

I mined the data; others can analyse. I think, though I haven't counted very precisely, that there were maybe 21 or 22 pap encounters with both of them before KK dropped her bombshell. Afterwards, 2: arriving in LA and at the steakhouse.

Swan pastries [no pic]
Leaving RI
Selena Gomez concert
TS with parents - no TH
TH drives TS to dinner
Out with friends lunch Nashville
Tom works out in NYC - no TS
Tom goes to a meeting in NYC - no TS
Arriving UK
Coffee en route to Aldeburgh - no TS (though she was in the car)
Pap stroll outside mama's house
Pap stroll on beach #1
TH with brother in law - no TS
Alleged sighting at Lionel Ritchie concert [no pic]
Pap stroll on beach #2
In Colosseum
Taylor feeds her face while Tom looks at his phone [candid]
Handy holdy dinner [source unclear - could be a candid from a guest]
Vatican tour [candid]
Getting into helicopter
TH has lunch alone in London [candid]
TH attends RADA event - no TS [no pics]
TH Heathrow 2 July - no TS
RI 4 July on beach
RI 4 July - professional shots at TS's behest so I am counting these as pap shots
Leaving for Australia
Arriving in Australia
Dinner at the Italian restaurant
TS at the children's hospital - no TH
Tom runs multiple times - no TS and too boring to list them all
TS trip to the shops at midnight wearing dungarees - no TH
Trip to see Ghostbusters [allegedly - no pics]
Tom gets takeaway - no TS
Poses with little kids - no TS [candid]
Arriving at private airport LA
Tom runs or works out in LA multiple times - no TS
TS works out in LA multiple times - no TH
Tom visits his agent - no TS
Tom at ComicCon - no TS
Tom arrives at the 4S Hotel - no TS
Tom leaves for NYC with Luke - no TS
Tom leaves NYC (takes shoes off at security) - no TS

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