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535 Name: Anon. : 2016-08-09 00:09 ID:Lp0DTq8N

From Gossip Cop (let's not give them clicks):

Tom Hiddleston NOT Jealous Of Taylor Swift Kissing Mike Hess, Despite Report

Tom Hiddleston is NOT jealous of Taylor Swift kissing oil heir Mike Hess at his birthday party, despite a misleading webloid report. Gossip Cop can bust this manufactured claim.

A video emerged from Hess’s birthday party in the Hamptons, NY this past weekend, and it shows Swift giving the Harvard Business School graduate a peck on the cheek while she’s performing on stage. HollywoodLife then blares in a headline, “Tom Hiddleston Insanely Jealous Taylor Swift Kissed Another Guy At Hamptons Party?” In its accompanying story, the site further claims to have “learned exactly how Tom feels” about the kiss.

But despite posing a question about “insane jealous” the actor might be in its sensationalized headline, the webloid goes on to say Hiddleston is “not the least bit worried” that Swift “hangs out with other guys.” The site further quotes a so-called source as saying, “Tom is more than confident that everything is going very well with Taylor. He doesn’t worry about her going elsewhere. Tom trusts Taylor very much!” And while that may very well be true, it’s highly doubtful anyone from either Hiddleston or Swift’s inner circles actually spoke to HollywoodLies.

Regardless, if the outlet did in fact “learn exactly how Tom feels” about the innocent kiss and knows he’s “not the least bit worried” about it, then why does the site insist on writing such a blatantly false headline bit him possibly being “insanely jealous”? The repeatedly chastised webloid is seemingly just trying to make up a (nonexistent) controversy around a harmless situation to dupe its readers. Furthermore, if HollywoodLife was aware that Hiddleston has no qualms about the peck, then why even write the non-story in the first place?