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Tom Hiddleston 12 (1000)

888 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-16 01:30 ID:1R0DkkPA

>>875>>877 The video is out now so someone will find the exact quote. If he did say "gotta be on a plane for work" then oooo Freudian slip! Otherwise if he did say he has to be on a plane to Aus, why lie? Just don't mention it and carry on.

>>876 Technically the whole thing has been phenomenally terrible. Apart from paid off tabloids and paparazzi and Hiddlestans and Swifties, everyone has laughed at this couple from the start. Now they're bored of them and want to see them gone. There's no charisma or sex appeal or any kind of mass appeal to Tom and Taylor as a couple. Whatever their aim was, it missed the mark and now it's just sad pathetic stumbling lol