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898 Name: Sosorry : 2016-08-16 03:53 ID:I4dpY8ws

OMG! Has anyone sees this on Sugar's Tea!! The whole thing with TH was staged! He never left LA, apparently!!

The video, filmed by Splash News, shows Taylor walking around and heading up into the jet. Taylor appears to have no idea that she is being photographed. It is clear that she is not excitedly meeting up with a friend, family member, or a fake boyfriend. She is just walking around casually and emotionless.

Notice that this was flimed late at night (🌙🌑). The flight from LA to RI landed at the Groton airport after 10 pm. It departed LA just after 1 pm (☀️). So there is no question that this is the evening arrival of her jet at the Groton airport.

It appears that this sneaky paparazzi 📷 🕵🏼 was tracking Taylor’s jet like many bloggers do. He arrived at the airport, likely expecting to see Tom get off the jet. But there was no Tom, he said! He would have waited all night for Tom to get off that jet because that would have been a huge money shot. 📷 💰

The caption erred, however, in saying that Taylor flew in on the jet from LA as it has been established that she was in RI at the time …..and the video shows her going up into the jet (perhaps to check out a remodel of the plane’s interior). Notably, the plane is still in RI at that airport so it is logical that Taylor would want to get an early look at a potential new interior remodel.

Based on the sneaky paparazzi at the Groton airport, it seems undeniable that they staged photographs of Tom at the Burbank airport with a hired photographer ….. to imply that Tom was getting on the jet to go meet up with Taylor in Rhode Island. But an uninvited paparazzi showed up at the Groton airport and said Tom was not on the jet. 💅

Tom has a lot more filming to do in Australia so RI was quite out of the way.

So why did they hold the pics of Tom at the Burbank airport? Likely to make sure that Tom was not spotted somewhere else and that there stunt was executed successfully. Also, do not be surprised if they post an IG pic of them together in RI. You can bet they staged multiple shots 📷 over the 4th of July in different outfits to prepare for such a stunt.

Psst: the Emmy voting period is until August 29th so do not expect a ‘break up’ until after that date at the earliest.

Credit to @jetanon for mucho help on this post. ✈️ Also, credit to my mysterious mutual who does not want credit for finding the pap video! 🕵🏼

Oh. Wow. Please be true.