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Tom Hiddleston 12 (1000)

941 Name: NewAnon : 2016-08-16 18:09 ID:41I9V1sS

>>931 If he wasn't on the plane to RI and got a private flight on a F900 (two F900s did leave for Hawaii and San Francisco from Burbank on Sun, not my findings though) then he probably did go to Oz. I dont know if any private F900s left from LA on Sun, the pics did say LA. I don't know why she'd send her plane to Burbank other than it needed something from here or that she made it make a useless trip to make her fans think Tom is with her right now. That's IF he did leave for Oz.

One thing that I don't get at all is why would Tom say he has to be Oz in 48 hrs and then set up a staged pap getting into her plane the next day? It shows him as a clear liar even if he sat on the pics for two days. Why go through that trouble?

Did something happen? Will we ever see real time TayTo pap strolls anymore or will it just be through their social media? Or do we have to settle for GC telling us they're still together? I have a feeling if they were together, they'd give us something more concrete than guesswork pics while releasing a GC article saying it's all good at the same time and letting DM run with the headline of Tom leaving LA without meeting Taylor.