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Tom Hiddleston (649)

1 Name: Anon : 2017-03-01 15:14 ID:JdqnTY+R

Thread to talk about the actor...oh fuck it. You know what to do

640 Name: NewAnon : 2017-06-20 23:06 ID:a5CbPO7S

>>637 Which blinds are you referring to? I've seen the ones dealing with his love life, all those affairs with Mia and cheating on Olsen then cheating on Taylor with Olsen, etc etc. Are these blinds talking about him professionally/ how he is as a person? What do they say?

641 Name: Heynon : 2017-06-21 01:25 ID:vcHuIQwy

>>640 I'll try to pull together some links tomorrow. Various trash about how he comes off in person.

642 Name: Whatsinaname : 2017-06-21 23:31 ID:Efyef8Wk

>>641 I'm interested too Heynon, what's out there that's plausible beyond the usual 'X yelled at an assistant on set' or 'X is secretly gay' blind items.

643 Name: Heynon : 2017-06-22 02:41 ID:vcHuIQwy

>>640, >>642 Sorry for the delay; work ate my brain today. And plausibility will be a challenge!

644 Name: Heynon : 2017-06-22 02:46 ID:vcHuIQwy

>>639 Based on Google results, a lot of people also have asked if film stars have to audition or not. The only non-crowd-sourced answer I found was this - that it's more likely to be a meeting with the director:

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645 Name: Sosorry : 2017-06-22 03:09 ID:36tT7wtT

>>644 I have no evidence to support this, but I think that it's just about an actor's current visibility in the industry, and who you know in the industry. Cumberbatch is Sherlock across the globe on tv, plus he was coming off of the Oscar winning 12 years a Slave and his casting/performance in The Imitation Game. Fassy was golden globe nominated for Shame, he had a wicked turn in the period piece A Dangerous Method playing Carl Jung, and he had at least been cast as Magneto. Charlie Hunam is not a period actor at all IMO, and he was badly miscast in CP, but he knew del Toro from filming Pacific Rim and he is kind of visible on tv from years starring on Sons of Anarchy. I think that the producers just go down a list of who they perceive as being visible to audiences and who therefore might be bankable, theoretically. Teen boys identify Tom the second they see him onscreen b/c of Loki, but they're not going to follow their favorite villain into other genres of film, sadly. Even die hard TH fans don't go out to the theatre to all of his films. I think that this is all BS, b/c only Leo DiCaprio, and D Washington can open a movie guaranteed. Everyone else is hit and miss, even J Lawrence. TH is a fave of mine, but some think that Fassy had more natural approach as an actor onscreen, and that Tom is more calculated, analytical, and theatrical, and therefore better suited to stage work, at present.

646 Name: Sosorry : 2017-06-23 18:13 ID:tW8pBDat

Tom still seems to be in London recording audio for Early Man. He mentioned in a video interview following the story that he was taking a break from acting, that all of the rest of 2017 was already booked in his calendar. Maybe he just meant Early Man recording and IW and Thor 3 re shoots?
>>636 Someone mentioned that the Silent Night film could be the neo noir thriller that Tom was heard discussing in the park with his manager.

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647 Name: Heynon : 2017-06-24 02:31 ID:vcHuIQwy

>>646 The theories on the extremely clever one's Tumblr are that he's probably been shooting IW as well as finishing up EM. Those, coupled with the D23 and/or SDCC cons, and T:R publicity, could theoretically fill up most of his calendar. Especially if Loki is also in Avengers 4, which starts shooting later this summer. But for all we really know, he could be hiding out and working on the Next Great British Screenplay.

648 Name: Whatsinaname : 2017-06-24 04:50 ID:Efyef8Wk

>>647 Don't forget about the UNICEF documentary. The rumors of him and Louise keep popping up, though without evidence.

649 Name: huh : 2017-06-24 05:44 ID:+oJ1aeiW

>>648 I read somewhere the doc got taken down from the production company's website. Anybody know about this?

The Louise rumors, I've only seen on Town Bike and they're all based on Tom bringing her and some other Unicef buddies to an awards show months ago. Like you said, without evidence, but that's Town Bike for ya. eye roll