AA Editors FAQ? (105)

37 Name: CTRL+C & CTRL+V 2005-08-28 04:20 ID:dTxZEq9Z

きごう 【kigou】 gives you a huge list of things, including ∀ and ♪ and ★ and ◎ as well as many of the symbols found below
ほし 【hoshi】 gives you stars ★☆※*
ひし 【hishi】 gives you diamonds ◇◆
ろしあ 【roshia】 gives you Cyrillic
さんかく 【sankaku】 gives you triangles △▽▲▼∵∴
てん 【ten】 gives you dots and periods and stuff ・‥
けいせん 【keisen】 gives you boxdrawing things ┤┫┰
ぎりしゃ 【girisha】 gives you Greek Letters εΩξ
Typing [ or ( gives you all sorts of brackets

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