Return of the King - So what happens to Mouth Of Sauron after destruction of the ring? (3)

1 Name: Bugbo Buggings : 2013-06-04 04:41 ID:N8AoQQpR

If anybody here has read the Tolkein's "Return of the King" can they tell me what happens to the Mouth Of Sauron after the one true ring falls into the lava of Mount Doom and Sauron is defeated? Yeah I know that in the movie Aragorn kills him, but in the book he like claims diplomatic immunity. With Sauron dead what's a mouth to do? Become a lobbyist?

2 Name: paddy : 2013-06-04 10:36 ID:eEEJnr9x

after gandalf rejected the terms set by the mouth of sauron the Mouth became enraged and fearful at the same time, and the Mouth fled back to the Gate and set Mordor's forces upon the West. He was not seen again.

i am sorry to disappoint you but there is no defined ending for the mouth and what happened to him after the war of the ring was never truly revealed

3 Name: japanese old boy : 2014-03-21 07:08 ID:ip19kPj7

Your English is good at it!

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