why do so many people hate Americans? (352, permasaged)

132 Name: Citizen 2005-11-02 18:05 ID:HnNvlzNx

>>128 But you see, without the support, we may not have succeeded in getting our start. France fell to the Nazis. And it was America and Britian who pulled them out of having to deal with the krauts.

>>130 He never said we stand alone as the sole country that gives foreign aid. But we do give the most, to any nation who needs it. When a time of crisis from natural disaster arises. America is always expected to be upfront with the most money to give. Countrys may hate us the day before the distaster. But when it happens, we are expected to help out like close friends. And if we delay, or give a similar amount as other nations gave, well, we are wrong. But when America has a natural disaster, the rest of the world doesnt respond for well over a week! This is the fact that pisses me off. No matter what others say of us, when they are in need, we are expected to help. Would you help someone who insulted and bullied you for years, just because they got into a bind?

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