why do so many people hate Americans? (352, permasaged)

152 Name: Ruyter 2005-12-14 13:20 ID:KCo/QBdS

Maybe we should ease this discussion by letting the ignorant people out of it. Every country has them and it's just too easy to anounce them to be the cause of discontent about the USA.

Non-Americans tend to have an advantage over Americans because English just happens to be a major language taught in many schools. For example Europeans usually have english lessons so they have less difficulty moving around in America as tourists, than say, American tourists do in Spain, or Germany. I am quite certain that as many Europeans as Americans do not know how to ask where the toilet is in Thai. (Most likely, all of them have a booklet which notes how to ask, though)

On another tack, most likely every country calls other countries arrogant. That is because countries, unlike individuals, behave like toddlers just because it has so many interests to secure on so many fronts, and so many agents to look after those interests. It shouldn't surprise very much that this looks, on average, like selfish and probably inconsistent behaviour.

Considering this, one should be very careful to judge a country to be arrogant.

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