why do so many people hate Americans? (352, permasaged)

164 Name: Shiii 2005-12-21 01:54 ID:Heaven

Not to be a stickler but there a few tinsy little mistakes left behind sir!

"When it comes to judging a country I look at actions and
policies passes in lest say oh the last 10 years. "

It should be "policies it passes", and "lest" is a root for the commonly phrased "least" and sadly placing least in your sentance doesn't quite work. It could be "...in the last" for example. Also, "Oh" is not a proper conjuction, it's slang but it's okay to use so long as it's got the grammer to support it, and it would be written as ", oh,".

"obviously in the past decade or two America has brought resolution to many situations and in some was they failed to do so, but when a country go to war and spends billions of ower dollars over circumstantial and uninvestigated intelligence is enough to be call arrogant.(obviously I’m talking about the second gulf war!)"

Firstly "obviously" needs a capital, "...and in some was.." was>ways, "...when a country go" go>goes, "...spends billions of ower" ower>our, "...uninvestiaged intelligence is" is>it's and lastly, "...enough to be call" call>called. Also, it's a run on sentance and should probably have a period in it somewhere.

"I’m not saying that every reason we went to war for where
illegitimate and unguided reasons but I believe that there where other motives. I mean just the fact that the government lied to us defeats the point of "by the people for the people" and certainly makes me lose faith if not at the government than at the current administration!"

Okay, "...we went to war for" between 'war' and 'for' there needs to be 'was'. Before your "but" need a comma. Lastly, proper tense us of "makes me lose faith if not at" at>in, to lose faith in something. But the 'at' in the current administration context is good because is a being of people that truly exist, wheras faith envolves taking a leap of faith above the unprovable. I know politics is frustrating and idiotic at best, but it sadly is provable to work, if we all play by the same rules.


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