why do so many people hate Americans? (352, permasaged)

62 Name: Citizen 2005-09-06 17:29 ID:5OPLB++F

I do not hate the American people. I have many American friends who are fine people.

I hate America's politicians for the following reasons:

  1. Calling America a "free" country while passing the PATRIOT Act.
  2. Screwing over my country of Canada under NAFTA through Softwood Lumber. If the Canadian government tries protectionist methods of protecting local markets, the American government holds a gun to their head. If America does the same to us, we are forced to comply.
  3. Going to war on false evidence, for the wrong reasons. "We are going to war to protect the American people from WMD's!" A year passes, after no WMD's found. "We had to free the Iraqi people!"
  4. Bible-thumpers. Nuff said. Bush doing a press shot with a bible in his hand, while sending a few thousand people to their deaths for oil or disallowing women to have rights over their own body.
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