why do so many people hate Americans? (352, permasaged)

87 Name: Citizen 2005-10-22 04:08 ID:Nd7awJc7

The Atomic Bombing of Japan was neccessary only in the aspect of it was the most peaceful way to get Japan to surrender with the least amount of death. (Braces for reaction) The reason I say this is we had two choices for an unconditional surrender of Japan. Either drop the A-Bomb. Or full out Invade. I respect Japan and their honor to their nation. Every man and woman, and even children would stand against the American forces. Thus,Both sides would have lost millions in the Invasion. It would have taken many years, and the russians then would have gotten involved as well, causing more turmoil in the effect of loss of life then land disputes. Now, I mourn for the life lost in those two cities, and hold a moment of silence on the anneversarys, though not japanese, my brother (Who comes from a different father, from my moms previous marrage) is Half Japanese. His great grandfather was Mitzumi Shimizu. The Commander of the Japanese Submarine Fleet in WWII. Also the man who was a part in Proposing to Hirohito that they attack pearl harbor. I do not see the Atomic Bombings as "Vengence for Pearl Harbor" Like so many say it was. The Dolittle Raid in early 1942 was the revenge strike for Pearl. I see the atomic bombing as a horrendous yet neccessary act which saved more lives in the long run. And I pray every day that these weapons never are used in combat again.

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