Drug experimentation? (69)

14 Name: 12 2006-02-22 09:43 ID:BMmjVd8U

>>13 you have confused me even more.

>>10, >>2 seem to say that drugs, in some cases, hurt people other than the user. >>11 goes along with this "all the other people who have to deal with that person are frequently victims."

Is their argument that because people may be hurt emotionally by someone's drug use that it is a non-victimless crime? Do they mean physically? My response (in >>12) is that someone with a personality disorder might hurt other people emotionally or physically as well. Does this mean we should make it illegal to have a personality disorder? Put them all in insane asylums? We are already partially on that track with the way sexual harrasment and political correctness are going. Offending someone is being criminalized.

Someone might become disabled or need medical care as a result of drug use? Someone might need welfare as a result of drug use? How does that demonize drug use? Someone might become addicted to gambling, lose their job, and require welfare. Someone might Enjoy woodworking and cut their hands off with a tablesaw, thus needing welfare. Should we outlaw woodworking and table saws? Someone might break their legs after a rock climbing fall in the same vein. Should we outlaw rock climbing?

Just discusing this with terms such as crime is already predujical.

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