Racism in Japan (112)

85 Name: Citizen : 2010-03-02 16:23 ID:kG7saxqI

Have you ever visited both Japan and Korea?
From my experience (btw I'm Norwegian),
I have been mistreated hell a lot more in Japan and I'm sick of it.

Foreigners think that Japanese are polite and kind and yada yada yada,
but that is SO WRONG.
The thing about Japanese are that they PRETEND to be polite.
They are just unconcealed.
Like what someone else mentioned, they do give you a long hard stare until you give them a stare back.
They will also start slagging you off from behind once they notice that you don't understand Japanese.

I've been treated like that for 2 years.
I'll never go back to that stupid country full of cold blooded monkeys.

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