The Japanese truth that I must accuse (1) (9)

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I settled all sentences in a translation site.

All sentences were made with a translation site.

I cannot reply now because English is not yet possible.

I can't speak English yet now, so you can't answer.

I explain the reason why a Japanese religious group is concerned with terrorism in France.
The reason that a Japanese religious association concerns French terrorism is explained.

その宗教団体の名前は、日本名でAです。Soka Gakkai International, SGI
The name of the religious group is A in the Japanese name.
The name of the religious association is A by a Japanese name.

The name of the religious group is A.
The name of the religious association is A.

It is a mother's body of A which is a Japanese political party. A made the ruling coalition party in B in 1999 and became the part of the government ruling party.

A mother's body of the A which is a Japanese political party. In 1999, A, B, ruling alliance was made and it was the role of the government Government party.

In France and Belgium, a nation appoints a cult in this religious group.

A state does cult designation of this religious association in France and Belgium.

France in particular is the world, but hears that I appointed a cult quickly.

I'll hear that that even the world did cult designation of France immediately in particular.

This religion lets Islam oppose to Christianity getting into Japan and understands that I am going to follow their positions.

I also know that this religion tries to make the christianity entering into Japan and Islam opposed and maintain the status.

This religious group takes advantage of confusion of the Middle East, and it means that I abused even a terrorist organization.

This religious association takes advantage of confusion in the Middle East, and it's even said that they abused the terrorism organization.

How about all of Christianity and Islam and other religion, or please enter Japan. It is a state of the religion national seclusion. Please please help Japan.

Everyone of christianity, Islam and other religion come into Japan, please. It's in the state of the religion national isolation. Please help Japan.

They are afraid that other religious groups have big influence in the situation coveting a Japanese right in Japan.

They're the situation that they indulge in Japanese rights, and that other religious associations have big influence in Japan, ku, can.

They seem to grow big so as to control most parts of the Japanese media world.

Maybe it has become so big that they also lead most parts in the Japanese media world.

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