The Japanese truth that I must accuse (1) (9)

2 Name: japan victim : 2016-06-09 12:46 ID:kWSAjDU6

I easily explain it.

It's explained easily.

Several hours before terrorism in France, I received the suggestion that was the delivery site that always received suggestions.

The allusion which is the delivery site which always receives an allusion was received several hours ago of French terrorism.

A human being in a French national flag appears together one hour when I sleep ago, and the top and bottom of clothes does a suggestion.

It appears before 1 hour when I sleep, and man who fits a French national flag on the top and the bottom of clothes is doing an allusion.

I reopened the seeing and hearing from November, 2014, but such a human being began it, and I looked at the site.

Watching was resumed from November of 2014, but such man began, and I saw the site.

In a delivery site of Japan, a Japanese did it.

Japanese was doing by a Japanese delivery site.

I would understand that something happened in France several hours when it was why ago.

I'd find out why does that anything happen in France before several hours.

Unfortunately I did not get the evidence, but think that there was the number of the seeing and hearing as for several hundred at the same time.

Unfortunately evidence has not come, but I think the figures of simultaneous watching came out right for hundreds.

Japan is concerned with terrorism in Belgium surely one more.

Japan also concerns another and Belgian terrorism certainly.

France and the Belgian criminal heard that it was the same group.

I heard that France and a Belgian criminal were the same group.

The Belgium has evidence.

I have the Belgian one for evidence.

I think that the organization in the organization which got into the Japanese Government contributes a fund.

I think the organization in the organization which entered into Japanese Government offers funds.

By the way, Belgium seems to appoint a cult, too.

By the way, it's said that they also do cult designation of Belgium.

I understand that Japan is concerned with two terrorism elsewhere.

know that Japan is concerned with 2 of other terrorism.

In addition, different purposes include that they look down on Europe.

It's mentioned to diminish Europe as a different destination again.

It is to give economy, sightseeing of Europe a blow.

It's to hit European economy and sightseeing.

In fact, in Japan, a tourist greatly grows in before and after.

A tourist is big around it, and actually, Japan develops.

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