The Japanese truth that I must accuse (1) (9)

3 Name: japan victim : 2016-06-09 12:48 ID:kWSAjDU6

A lot of many にも confirms the reckless action that Japan performs for other countries.

Much violence Japan is doing to an other country is being also confirmed in many.

I want to explain it later.

I'd like to explain later.

Please do not trust Japan too much. The face of the back is different from a table intensely.

Please don't trust Japan too much. A table and a back face are intense and different.

I will introduce beautiful ごとのみ into the foreign countries.

I'll hand one every the beautifulness down to foreign countries.

I am threatened now when I assassinate you. Of course it is a suggestion.

I'm threatening to assassinate at present. It's an allusion of course.

I cannot prove the suggestion in it being difficult to leave evidence, but conclusive evidence will increase if there is some it to me.

It's difficult to leave evidence, so an allusion can't prove it, but if there is something for me, corroboration would increase.

I never commit suicide. I declare it here.

I never commit suicide. It's also declared here.

When my activity has stopped without a reason, please think so.

When my activity has been also unfounded and has stopped, please think so

In the case of a case accident, the thing about birth and parentage is written on HP and Twitter.

It's written on HP and Twitter to be concerned with background in case of an event accident.

There is a certain example one more.

There are another certain cases.

The Japanese kidnapping hostage crisis (yukawa haruna) by IS induces Japanese Government surely.

Japanese Government sets a Japanese kidnapping hostage event by IS (It's YUKAWAHARU.) certainly.

This has certain evidence, but explains it later.

Certain evidence is here here, but it'll be explained later.

The Japanese Government polluted by a cult abuses even a terrorist organization and uses it.

Even the terrorism organization is abusing and is using the Japanese Government polluted by a cult.

There is the evidence that is that a cult did this.

There is evidence that this is also the case that a cult did.

Terrorism in France and terrorism in Belgium and a Japanese kidnapping by IS are connected by this.

Japanese kidnapping by IS relates to French terrorism and Belgian terrorism with this.

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