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2 Name: Citizen : 2021-01-10 02:08 ID:YVL/gzr8

Currently in the United States there is only a little over a week left with Trump in the White House before the inauguration where Biden/Harris will be the new administration. This follows an interesting week where many Trump supporters were able to get into the Capitol as Congress was certifying the electoral college votes. There was immediate backlash by large tech companies that either shutdown, banned or closed many accounts of conservative users under the pretense that they were inciting additional violence. This included the permanent banning of the presidents own twitter account. The protest itself was started by a claim by the president that the election in November was rigged.

In the future, will we see more of Trump? Will he continue to try and fight the election? Will he use his status to create his own news channel or social media platform? Will he run again in 2024? Personally I think he will try to keep in the spotlight by criticizing Biden's administration over the next few years before trying to run again in 2024. I can't see the republicans being too happy about that and might try to block him from running a second time. He also mentioned that there is some kind of announcement soon regarding being banned from social media so I wonder if he will announce some kind of new social media platform.

I'm also curious to see what comes of Trump supporters themselves, will they accept the Biden administration or will there be continuing protests against it? There are calls for fights/civil war/etc. on certain websites though these likely won't amount to much. I've seen some planning events for things like the inauguration but it remains to be seen if anything happens.

For the Biden administration itself, I'm curious to know how they will handle China which seems to be a growing international concern. I don't see the administration being tough on them since so much of our manufacturing is done there. It's such a big unknown that I'm worried to see what happens. For the rest of the administrations policies, they can't do too much. While the Democrats did win a simple majority in the senate, they won't be able to pass large resolutions without the 60 votes that certain legislation requires. That would be things like the Green New Deal or additional Supreme Court seats that were talking points last year. Overall I think it will be a boring administration though I could be very wrong.

I'm missing a ton of things I'm sure so please add anything you are thinking about to the thread.

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