itt Predict/Discuss/Speculate on future politics (18)

6 Name: Citizen : 2021-03-08 15:15 ID:UinXqgfd

Big things are happenings and normies dont even notice it (besides covid and the elections) we are seeing changes left and right, every single one of our morals has changed, every single tradition that we had has died, Religion is dead and has been replaced by Ideologies and the cult of the Twitterites, there is a specter that haunts the west, but this time its colour isnt Red it Black.

Summer is now over, The Age of Capital is over, we have entered the age of Caesarism, this is the age before the slow collapse of the west. In Rome, it was civil wars and strong men who took power, so my prediction is that, you will see lots of men become Dictators over western countries in an attempt to save the system from collapse or to reform it entirely, Liberals think the alt-right and Trump would be the End of it.
They are wrong, this is just the beginning, a movement dosent die like that, it's stupid, and with extremism on the rise more and more people will abandon the old parties and old beliefs (the ones based on Liberalism/Neo-Liberalism) and will seek out alternatives that promise them everything.

The end is near.

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